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Best Ways to Wear Capris Leggings This Fall

Capri leggings are an essential piece that yogis are loving during their practice. Like most yoga fashion items, these leggings are comfortable enough that yogis want to wear them out and about. The shorter length of Capri leggings is perfect for the time in between seasons, allowing you to make your outfit cooler or warmer depending on the day.

If you’re planning to wear your capris for your practice or an afternoon lunch date, what should you pull out of the closet to match them?

Dress them up with wedges.

If you know you’re heading from a yoga class to an afternoon out, a pair of wedges helps to make a seamless transition. A pair of wedges is a cute way to make your capris feel instantly more stylish than they otherwise appear to be. Not only does it add instant class to your outfit, but a great pair of wedges can easily make your legs appear slimmer and longer.

Wear a short dress.

Maybe you don’t have any tunics in your closet, but you do have a dress that is just a touch too short to wear on its own. With Capri leggings underneath, you can get more wear out of your favorite dress that otherwise doesn’t get much time to shine. This can be a great way to recycle some older items in your closet.

If you’re going straight from yoga practice, a dress is an easy change that can make a significant difference in your overall appearance. Simply take off your sports bra or yoga top and trade it for a dress.

Match a crop top with high-waist capris.

One of the trendiest pieces found in stores right now is a crop top, but many yogis are still self-conscious about the appearance of their stomachs. High-waist capris give you the option of wearing fashionable crop tops without risking tummy exposure. An added benefit of high-waist capris leggings is that they frequently feature shapewear also. This can give you a slimmer appearance while still covering more skin. High-waist capris are a great way to boost your confidence when it comes to wearing more revealing crop tops.

Add sparkling accessories.

Maybe you have a watch or some glittery earrings that have been sitting in your closet for too long. When you pull out your Capri leggings, this is a great time to dust off those sparkles and add some pizazz to your leggings. A bold necklace, a chunky bracelet, or an oversized watch can add just the right touch of glamor to an otherwise plain outfit.

This styling tip should be reserved for when you are wearing Capri leggings that are relatively plain. The additional sparkle tends to stand out best against darker colors like blacks, greys, and browns. Your jewelry can also be an easy way to add just a touch of color if you feel that an entire top of ruby red might be too much for you. You can find subtle ways to prevent your outfits from appearing too plain.

Don’t underestimate how flexible your Capri leggings can be when it comes to styling options. Whether you want to look dressier or more casual, you’ll have no shortage of comfortable options to choose from.

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